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Biblical Foundations for Freedom believes in the importance of prayer! Without prayer, man is merely doing what he can do in his flesh. Salvation and edification, however, come from the Spirit’s work. BFF needs your prayers!

Join others from all around the world when praying for us. When you sign up, you will receive a biweekly prayer letter. You can join or ‘unjoin’ any time that you want. Whether you are a church, family, class or individual, it doesn’t matter. Let’s work together to see God’s work expand in the different societies around the world!

Please sign up for receiving BFF’s biweekly prayer letters. We keep all information confidential. You should receive an email letting you know you are registered.

    > We need the Lord to work.

    > We want Him to do His work.

    > We desire that He be glorified through this work.

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BFF also has a list of all the past prayer letters. You may find it interesting to either search them or just start from the beginning when Paul had just learned to write a web page back in early 2001.BFF prayer archives

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Our Bucknell Family letter

The Bucknells also welcome you to join their annual family letter, usually sent around Christmas. Learn more about our family and the founding of BFF! We are a real family with eight children with lots going on. BFF is founded on God’s wonderful supply of His grace. We have had to trust Him for finances from the beginning. Read more about our history.

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We appreciate any suggestions, advice, prayer, encouragement, and support you can give us at Biblical Foundations for Freedom!

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